So How Did I Do With Those Gardening Resolutions?

You may remember that back last January I made some “gardening resolutions” (for those of you who would like to read the whole post, you can see it here).

My number 1 resolution was to “garden and let garden:” in other words, to try to do less garden shaming here. I think I was better at that. I am not really the one to judge, however. That would be up to you. But I don’t recall expressing any really strong opinions like I did in 2015 that got everyone all riled up.

My second resolution was to try new things. That was more of a mixed bag. I did more of that earlier on in the season, before I realized just how bad our drought was going to be–or should I say, how much the continued drought was going to affect how I wanted to garden.

So the first thing I did was to rip out my David Austin roses–and that was still probably a good thing because I replaced them with easier care Drift™ roses. And while they still needed more water this season than I wanted to give them, should they survive the winter, they’ll be far more drought tolerant than the Austin roses were in coming years. And that’s a good thing.

But once I saw how bad the continuing drought was, I didn’t try much else that was new or innovative. Most of that would have required water, and water was too much of a precious resource to waste on mere “novelty.”

So as this year draws to a close and the next year dawns, I will have to think of some more gardening resolutions. Stay tuned.

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