Thank You, Santa


Okay, you knew this was coming, right? And I confess. Santa didn’t really come early to my house. It was our friendly mail carrier, David, who brought me these zygocacti. (Of course, the decorative outer pots are mine.)

And yes, of course they come from Logees. After rhapsodizing about some of those descriptions, how could I resist when they had a sale?

Now, while I have been assured that they will bloom this year, I do expect to lose some, if not most of the buds. These plants have just come from a toasty greenhouse, been sent through the mail (admittedly only overnight but still) and they have now arrived at my Siberian-like home. If you were a plant, wouldn’t you protest?


Here are the plants, with others I already own, nicely nestled into the window where I grow these. I may not be able to grow those tropical, heat loving poinsettias, but these I can grow!

You may see evidence of spectacular blooms later this season. You will definitely see them in years to come.

Merry Christmas to me.


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