A Lucky Spider?

Once again, I have a spider hanging beneath the backsplash of my kitchen sink. This happened 2 years ago and the spider was there from October until nearly April, I believe.

It’s hard  to believe, but I was once a huge arachnaphobe.  All you had to do was to mention the word “spider” and it would raise goose bumps on my arms.

But since I became a gardener–and a serious organic gardener at that–I know that spiders are the good guys in the garden. So I definitely always leave them alone outside.

I also tend to leave them alone in the house so long as I know where they are. I have a few exceptions to that rule. No spiders in the bedroom–but we tend to have few of those anyway, thank goodness.

And of course, I always give my “house” spiders a firm talking to. I tell them that so long as I know where they are and they are not in a spot where they are bothering me, they can stay. If, for some reason, that changes, I will have to squash them like a bug.

And most of the spiders behave nicely. Every so often, one runs across the stove or something while I am cooking and sadly, that one has to go. But those are very few and far between.

They say that spiders can even hear the vibrations from our feet when we walk into a room. I don’t doubt that. And if that’s so, why can’t they “hear” my little lecture?

All I know is that I have very little trouble with “misbehaving” spiders. And that suits me just fine!


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