Gardening As A Balm for The Soul

Believe it or not, it’s not too early to be thinking about your 2017 garden. And no matter how you felt about the election we just had here in the United States, it was–and still is–a very contentious time.

So one of the things we can do to reassure ourselves that no matter what happens in the rest of the world, in our little part of the world–the one piece we have control over–all will be well–is we can begin planning our gardens.

For those of us that start seeds, perhaps one of the things we can do is to decide that this year we will try to buy seeds from companies that grow organic or sustainably harvested seeds whenever possible. One of my favorite small companies that sells such seeds is the Hudson Valley Seed Company.

Not only are their seeds almost all organically or sustainably grown, but their seed packs are literally works of art–they are, in fact called Art Paks. After I start my seeds, I save the “paks” and either put them up in my potting shed or sometimes they even make it up to my den for display. They’re gorgeous!

If you don’t know this company, you should. They sell lots of different vegetable seeds and mixes and several types of flower seeds and mixes for pollinators as well. They also ahve herb seeds.

If you are in the Northeast, it is likely that they will be at a Flower and Garden show near you so that you will see them in person–that’s how I first became acquainted with them. But I warn you–their art paks are so lovely you will have a tough time deciding which ones to buy!

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