Wearable Succulents? Are They Kidding?!

So all of a sudden, the “trend” in succulents seems to be plastering them to things and wearing them.

Remember, I am the person who doesn’t like succulents to begin with because they get “untidy” so it’s not as if I am naturally going to embrace any kind of trend that exploits long trails of succulents hanging off fingernails (“Google”it–I don’t want to post photos because I don’t want to violate anyone’s copyrights–or worse yet, insult anyone’s creativity any more so than I am already doing).

But suddenly I am seeing succulents everywhere–on jewelry and the aforementioned fingernails ( several types of designs for fingernails, mind you!) and shoes and purses and all manner of wearables.

Surely these designs are not meant for those of us who live in colder climates (even if we liked them?) I just can’t understand how my succulent necklace–or bangle bracelets–would enjoy a trip out to a party in December in my climate when the night time temperature might be in the 30s or even lower.  Would I have to carry an insulated bag to keep it protected until I arrived? And then put the item back in the bag to get it safely from the party–or where ever–safely back to my home? Sounds like a lot of effort. Clearly these items are just for warmer climates!

And the nails would never work. Not in a climate where gloves are a must!

And while they are visually stunning (I am sure you can find lots of examples on your social media of choice. They appeared in my Twitter feed but I am sure Pinterest is overflowing with them, and Instagram must be as well!), how does one keep them alive? Surely succulents were not intended to live on jewelry–much less on nails! Are they intended to be kept alive later? Or are they disposable? I really don’t like the thought of a whole cottage industry of disposable plants.

If however they are grown just for this purpose perhaps it’s no worse than the cut Christmas tree industry. Or the cut flower industry. So maybe I am over-reacting in that way because I see them as “plants” and not as “cuttings.” If that’s the case, then I guess I can accept the premise at least–but you still won’t see me with the wearables, as stunning as they are!

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