Winter Weather And Fall Fog


This photo is not quite as “foggy” as my last year’s shot. I got out a little too late.  But in it you can see one of my “grass watering” neighbor’s lawns. You can even see one of his sprinklers going. In the middle of a severe drought I might add. This is the guy who waters at least twice, if not 3 times a day. Sigh.

I have given up on the squirrels after they failed to predict one of the coldest and snowiest winters in Connecticut history (2015). I just hope they didn’t freeze to death. So last year I used the “foggy morning” method.

The saying goes that you count the number of foggy mornings in August and September and that will tell you the number of snowstorms. I used it as a back=up the year the squirrels failed me and there were something like 21. So it worked that year.

Last year there were 2 foggy mornings and we had almost no snow. The Spoiler remembers using his snow thrower, “Kahuna,” 4 times but I can’t believe he even used it that much!

This year I have lost count of the foggy mornings. And while I am not at all anxious to repeat the winters of 2014 and 2015, we do need the moisture. So I will take it in almost any form at this point. What the heck? I’ve got a Subaru!

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