Self-Sown Hydrangeas? Really?

A few posts backed I talked about my gardens being weedy. Not only will you see that in these photos but you will see some of the most wilted plants you will ever see. That’s how far we let the plants go before we actually water at our house (as opposed to the neighbors who are watering lawns 3 times a day.) I figure we can balance things out that way.


When I first started noticing these small white blooming hydrangeas, I thought, ‘did I plant those?” It’s not like me to keep such poor records that I don’t have a record of hydrangeas in the garden–after all, they are one of my favorite plants and I must ahve 35 different varieties!


And I’d see things like this–small hydrangeas that were clearly separate plants from all the other plants around them, but with no tag or other identification. I was mystified.

(By the way, don’t you love my “habitat” of weeds?)


And they were everywhere–at different spots in the garden–and they all bloomed white. That’s when it dawned on me. These were self-sown hydrangeas! What a concept!

I don’t think I will get anymore this year because I deadheaded everything before the hurricane that thankfully never arrived. I didn’t want the winds to damage the few blooming plants that I had in the garden this year.

But what a nice bonus a few years of letting the garden go “weedy” has brought me. Also notice all the ferns as well. Once I get some rains and am able to clean this mess out, I will have some great plants left!



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