Wordless Wednesday


These days, I can’t even park my car overnight without having a spider make a little home for itself.  I’ve remarked before that I know the seasons are changing when I start seeing all these spiders all over. There’s a huge one out the back door of my screen porch. It’s body and legs together are larger than a silver dollar. That’s one web–or worse yet, spider–I don’t want to encounter accidentally.

This actually looks almost like a double web.  There’s one web that stretches from my car to the outer edge of the mirror, and a second that stretches from the lower right hand corner to the upper. I didn’t notice that when I originally took the photo.

Either way, I always feel bad when I have to get in the car and drive. The morning I took this photo, I used the passenger door so that I could alert the spider that something was happening. I went into hiding behind the mirror. I never noticed what happened to the web, but I am sure it was gone by the time I got to work.

These spiders will be around until the first hard freezes. And then, if it warms back up, many of them will be around until the snows. We’ve had a lot of foggy mornings so far so I fear we will have a snowy winter. But that will mean the end to this punishing drought at least.  There are always blessings. I just have to try to remember to tell myself that when it’s snowing!


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