Wordless Wednesday


What is going on here?  Did Hermine get closer than they predicted? (And wouldn’t it have been better for everyone’s spell checking if they named it Hermione? )

Well, no to the first question and definitely yes to the second!

What I am doing is drying out the amaryllis to put them into dormancy.  I will leave them like this about a week or so and then bring them inside to my basement.  Because my basement doesn’t cool down right away–it’s actually warmer than the house at this point–it’s a little deceiving to say “wait 8 weeks, then pot up and begin to water,” which is the standard advice for what should happen next.

So, because I am sort of a “free range” kind of gardener anyway,  I just leave them there, removing the browning leaves, until I see them beginning to send up new blooms on their own schedule.  If you recall,  for one of them, this year, it was June! And that’s just fine by me. I generally have amaryllis in bloom for months that way.

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