Hot, Hot, Hot


In some years, an occasional snake plant will bloom.  This snake plant is on its second bloom this year–and its got 3 stalks of bloom this time around. The scent is overpowering. I’m glad that these plants are in an unused guest bedroom and that we have no guests. I would have to remove it if we did.


But that plant isn’t the only snake plant that’s blooming. This one is blooming as well–and it never has before. The only explanation I have is the heat–because these plants have always been jammed into their pots. They like that. In fact, the twice blooming one broke out of its pot last year, and, immediately upon re-potting, broke out of its new pot. So I sort of gave up on that one.  I am just letting it grow through the side of its new pot.

Snake plants are more versatile than folks give them credit for. When I lecture, I say that they will “grow in a closet.” While I don’t mean that literally, of course, you do often see them in dark, dusty corners. And those are the ones that only get watered every month or so.

But give them some light and they really take off. And there are also lots of funky varieties as well. You can see one of my cylindrica types reclining across the pot in the above photo. I have a more upright variety as well. I may be watering too much for this variety to stay upright. I don’t care. I am not one of those “fussy” types that needs my plants perfect (obviously, if I am letting one of them grow through the side of a pot!)

In any event, these are all in a west window and get watered once a week in the summer. With the above average heat we’ve been having, perhaps they think they are in Arizona or something. I just thought it was interesting that even plants indoors are responding to wild weather.

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