Fall is the Best Time for Gardening


Have you seen these yet? If not, don’t worry you will. This display appeared in my grocery store on July 31. I hope they intended for folks to buy and eat the stuff now. Or perhaps it’s the sort of thing that never gets stale.

But that’s not all that’s appearing with unsettling regularity in my vision. I am getting far too many tweets and texts and emails about “Ooh, fall is the best time for [fill in the blank] gardening!”

They’re not wrong. Fall is an excellent time to grow many sorts of things. In fact, fall is the only time that certain things can be planted, like spring flowering bulbs.

It’s also a great time to get a second crop of cool weather vegetables started.

But it’s August 8, people. Let’s actually wait until we get to “fall,” by some definition, shall we? I haven’t even picked a full size tomato yet and you want me to start plowing up the vegetable garden and planting bulbs?! I think not!

Perhaps this doesn’t happen in places where the growing season is longer. But here in Connecticut our growing season is extremely short. The last thing I need is anyone making it any shorter than it already is!

And while I will be posting about bulbs and fall planting in another month or so, I would like most of you out there to make the most of what’s left of your summer. Please enjoy it. Don’t rush it.

And when September comes, we’ll talk about fall.

I do like the approach of one bulb grower, Colorblends, however. A recent email to me said “Plan in Summer, Plant in Fall.” Like me, Colorblends is based right here in Connecticut. They know about short seasons and they know not to ruin one season by rushing the next. And they have fabulous, beautiful bulbs as well. You can see their web site here.

2 thoughts on “Fall is the Best Time for Gardening

    • gardendaze August 8, 2016 / 2:39 pm

      Thanks. Thanks for reading and commenting! Karla

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