Wordless Wednesday


What are you looking at (besides the tops of trash and recycling barrels, I mean)? This motley collection of foliage is actually my herb and edible garden just outside my porch door.

Yes, I have lots of herbs elsewhere on the property but if I am cooking, or even making a simple salad or sandwich,  I may not want to go half an acre away to harvest them. So I pot up my most used herbs –basil, thyme, rosemary, mint and bay–where they are in easy reach.

I also have my figs and olive tree here too. The banana and citrus are elsewhere.

As for the “real” edibles like tomatoes,  peppers and things like that? They’re in a raised bed with–what else?  More herbs, of course! That’s in the back yard.

These potted herbs also serve as season  extenders. They come into the  3 season  porch  and I can harvest from them until almost January, depending on the year. The figs over-winter there as well. The olive has to come into the house (as do the bananas and citrus).  But that’s okay.  Winter is a long way off. And all those plants help me get through it.

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