Hydrangea Leaf Tier Pest


This is a normal bud on an Invincibelle Spirit™ hydrangea.  It should be open in another couple of weeks or so.

This type of hydrangea is a hydrangea arborescens or smooth leafed hydrangea. The most famous cultivar is still probably ‘Annabelle,’ and there is a Proven Winners cultivar called Incrediball™ with huge white flower heads that are twice the size of Annabelle–or even bigger!


This is NOT  something normal! This is a cluster of leaves created by the hydrangea leaf tier caterpillar. The caterpillar hatches from eggs laid by an adult moth in early spring. It then creates this cozy home for itself out of a few leaves and feeds on your plant.

Control is simple–just snip off the offending parts of the plant and dispose of it. No more caterpillars should mean fewer moths next spring (providing all your neighbors and friends are doing the same, of course).

But there is no need to use chemicals when a few clips with a pruner will be far more effective.


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