A Progressive Bill on Pollinator Health

A month ago, Connecticut joined Montgomery County, Maryland in establishing protections and habitats for pollinators.

The bill, signed into law on May 6 by Governor Dannel Malloy, and effective upon its passage, provides 9 different items relating to pollinators. Some are more specific than others.

The text of the bill regulates neonicotinoids, that class of insecticides that is thought to cause particular harm to bees. You can see the bill, now PA 16-17, in its entirety, here.

For those not accustomed to reading legalese (or who would just prefer not to–and frankly, who wouldn’t?) Beyond Pesticides has done a nice summary of the law when it was just passed unanimously by both houses of the Connecticut legislature (which in itself is near miraculous!) That summary can be found here.

The very specific provisions of the bill prohibit things like the use of the “neonics” on certain plants at certain times (when in flower, for example) and as treatment for seed coatings.

The broader provisions authorize pollinator habitat–and this is where presumably the bill will be helpful to all pollinators, not just bees or butterflies or moths, bats or whatever. There are 3 of those provisions.

There is also a provision authorizing the state environmental department to develop a “model” pollinator habitat for citizens. I am not sure how useful that will be. But it is certainly commendable that there is something for folks who want to try planting included.

We are not going to solve the problem of habitat degradation, disappearing monarchs or honeybee issues overnight. But if more states tackle issues like habitat creation, it will at least be a good start!


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