Wordless Wednesday–the Great Houseplant Migration


The houseplants–or at least most of them–are all outside for the summer. This is a portion of what it took me a full day to complete.


There are still a few perennials and shrubs mixed in here waiting to be planted. “Waiting” for what, I am not sure. It’s not as if I anticipate more rain. I think I just need more time. I’m as likely to get that as I am to get more rain!


Here are the sun lovers. They’ll fill in nicely after a few weeks outside. Most of these have either been re-potted or root pruned and returned to the same pot.

In case you’re curious, the sort of dead looking pieces of sod lying around is the Spoiler’s long term project. he’s converting our front lawn to zoysia grass.


Obviously the cacti and succulents don’t go outside. Some are still baking in my southern windows and some come onto my sun porch.


The back side of the “sun” porch has a north window–perfect for plants like this. The bottom tier (hidden by the bottles of cola) holds holiday cacti).

I actually have a so-called “Easter” cactus (rhipsalidopsis sp.) (Easter in June–how novel) coming into bloom in another part of this porch. That may make the blog–or not, because this is such a pretty time of year!

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday–the Great Houseplant Migration

  1. Jean June 1, 2016 / 10:21 am

    Why do u not put succulents and cactus outside? Just curious.
    If we are getting a lot of rain I move them under a covered porch otherwise the are in part sun

    • gardendaze June 1, 2016 / 10:32 am

      Hi Jean,
      First, I have a full time job. So I am not always available to move the plants when rain comes at unexpected times. Thunderstorms have a way of popping up when they are not necessarily predicted. Next, we also have a good deal of humidity here. And last, as long time readers of my blog know, I call my husband the Spoiler. He’s very sweet about watering for me but he waters indiscriminately. That means he would water the cacti and succulents every day whether they needed it or not! I’m sure you know how long they’d put up with that!

      Thanks for the question though, and thanks for reading and commenting!


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