Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day and a huge, grateful “thank you” to all who served or who are serving our country this Memorial Day. Particularly in this election year, it’s most important to remember that all of us would not enjoy our freedoms without your service.


Normally, I plant my vegetable garden on Memorial Day but this year the weather has been a bit flukey and I am a bit off schedule.  The critters, however, are not! As fast as I can put anything into my little raised bed, they dig it up and plow it under and I find it all over the yard. Most peculiar and most frustrating.

In addition, what’s not getting dug up or dragged off is getting eaten. “Wascally Wabbits,” I believe, to quote Elmer Fudd.

So, I just about laughed out loud when I saw a newsletter from Fine Gardening all about making the garden a place of relaxation. It had links for types of seating and seating areas and was so inviting.

But this year, my garden couldn’t be less relaxing if I tried. Because of the ongoing drought, it’s a battle zone (with due respect to those truly in a battle zone of course, and apologies for using that term).

Chipmunks are regularly hurling themselves into my pond–which should be comforting because it means there are fewer of them to dig up the garden and to wreak havoc there, except it’s not. I have pulled a record number of them from the water this year despite setting a bird bath on the side for them (and the birds) to drink from (and regularly cleaning it to avoid the mosquito issue).

Rabbits are eating everything in sight–not just the buffet of clover and violets in the lawn that we provide for them. Again, I think this is partly to do with drought. Plant matter provides moisture as well as nourishment.

Last week, after 10 days without moisture,  we had 2/10ths of an inch of rain. That was followed by a 4 day stretch of upper 80s and lower 90s. So that moisture was gone the very next day from the soil and everywhere else.

Other parts of Connecticut are faring better. But the northern tier is extremely dry and has been in drought since last summer. We had no snow to speak of this winter and were not hit with the monster blizzard that affected most of the mid-Atlantic and even New York City!

So we are hurting for moisture in a bad way. We have long gloomy gray stretches but no real rain. Even my clay soil is dusty dry.

So on this “unofficial” start to summer I am praying for rain and lots of it. It’s going to be a tough summer without it!


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