Easy Pre-Planted Containers Redux

About 10 days ago, I had a photo from a box store of an urn planted with a hibiscus standard and some annuals beneath it. I said in that post that I was worried that the annuals beneath the hibiscus would want a combination of  sun and at least part-shade and therefore would struggle. You can read the post and see the photo here if you’d like.


Two weeks later the Spoiler and I were back at the same box store. We found this container with a similar mix of annuals. But by the time he saw me looking at it, it was all over. He really fell in love with the colors. As for me, being the practical sort, the cost of the container with the annuals was less than it would have been for me to buy the far fewer annuals that I usually buy to plant the pot I usually plant up for this spot. So if a few wind up fading–or need to be relocated–that’s okay too.


Two days later than that, I was at a large nursery where they grow all their own stock. I found this container that seemed to be bright and cheery. I would have preferred it without the verbena (the red plant) which always gets powdery mildew for me–but hope springs eternal. It’s been two very dry years so perhaps it won’t this year. And if it does, I’ll try the milk and water spray to keep it down. If not, it’ll cut it out of the arrangement. No need to have a ratty looking plant in this basket all summer.

Usually I plant my own containers so we’ll see how these pre-planted ones do. I am still going to do a few of my own. I can’t just stop gardening completely that way. It’s just not me!

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