The Right Tool Makes Everything Better

After an extremely dry 15 months, we had some rain the first week of May. It didn’t help the plants along as much as I would have hoped. Of course, what it did help along were the weeds.

Even without the rain, I think the weeds would have been sprouting. Our last two summers were very dry and yet there were still weeds. Perhaps the weeding wasn’t quite as much of a chore as it would normally be in a year with an average amount of rainfall but weeds will always be with us.


That’s why it’s important to stay ahead of them and it’s important to have the correct tools. One of the best tools I ever invested in was something called a Cape Cod Weeder. You can see it here in a “before” photo with weeds in the crack of my slate walkway.


And here is the result–weeds removed from two of the cracks of the walkway.  This tool is fabulous because it can get into narrow spots that a lot of other tools, like my beloved Cobrahead™ weeder, can’t for example.


The Cobrahead™ will make quick work of a patch of weeds like this: just a fast slice under the soil and these weeds are gone. I just lift them away with a minimum of soil disruption. And that’s the key: the less the soil is disrupted the better because the more the soil is disrupted the more you risk bringing new weed seeds to the surface and the more you risk ruining all the “good stuff” you have done with your soil. You don’t want to disrupt your beneficial bacteria and nematodes or earthworms.

So the right tool for the job makes everything faster, easier and better.  And weeding becomes something that might even be enjoyable–or at least not something to dread. And never something for herbicides!

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