Wordless Wednesday–Yuck!


Well, here we go again. Now I know I have a soil problem. I just discarded half a bag of it.

This is a newly potted amaryllis. Right now, it has no leaves, just two flower stalks–and a ton of this.

When it first occurred, my mind was on other things and I thought, “Eww. My amaryllis is covered with mold.” Then one day I went to take a closer look and realized that no, it wasn’t in fact a white mold covering the amaryllis; it was a complete infestation of mealy bugs.



I tried a shot of Neem but as with most house plant pests, they outbreed the Neem. Over the weekend I simply washed the plant down with a little soapy water. But  I am going to have 2 problems here.

The first is all the crevices on the bulb itself where the insects can hide.

The second is that mealy bug eggs can live for over 2 years in soil. This plant is getting re-potted as soon as it finished blooming–if it ever manages to do so with such a heavy infestation of insects, poor thing!

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