I Stand Corrected. …

A week ago, I said that gardens couldn’t–and shouldn’t–be created in a day. I saw folks wanting to do this back in my days of retail gardening but I can only imagine that it is much worse now with the DIY channels promoting the idea that this is somehow possible.

Then their crew walks off the set, never to be seen again,  leaving the homeowner to maintain the new backyard.  Given the prior states of the previous backyards,  I am not really hopeful about the new landscaping. I would love to see these shows do some education so the homeowners have at least a fighting chance.


But I saw this ad in our newspaper last week.  All identifying information is removed because I know nothing about the person/company so I certainly don’t want to promote them.

But here is a company advertising that, more or less, they will give you a garden in a day  (or so.)  But better than most,  this company actually helps keep the garden looking good.

Clearly this is not for everyone since not everyone can afford to pay for help. But at least this sort of option ensures that when you install the plants,  they have a decent chance of survival.


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