Sometimes A Change of Perspective…


The Spoiler had some minor surgery on his back last week so his favorite chair was uncomfortable. So on Sunday, he was sitting in a different place for “March Madness” and I chose to sit in his big, comfy recliner. Suddenly, I noticed the above, and what was below on a plant on the coffee table.

This plant sits between where he would sit and where I would normally sit in our den. But because this side is always facing him, I never really noticed an issue.


Given the big globs of white (mealy bugs) that were on it, I surely would have found it the next time I cleaned (tomorrow) even if I had not sat in the “comfy chair.”

But since this plant is all alone in the middle of a room, you always wonder where this sort of thing comes from. In this case, I did re-pot it last fall so perhaps the eggs were in the soil. Mealy bug eggs can live in soil for 2 years or more.

But I re-potted a lot of other things and so far no problems (thank goodness!)

And yes, it was outside, but so were a lot of other plants. And none of the plants that were near it are similarly affected. So this is just plain odd.

In any event, I am glad that I found it early and the plant is isolated, or it could have been a lot worse.

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