What Do You See?

20160317_172502Take a look at the two clay pots in the photo. Do you notice anything?

Yes, both are holding thyme plants. Yes, both thyme plants are kind of ratty. I dug them from the garden in an attempt to sort of rejuvenate them and jump start them this growing season (as if we needed any more of a jump start this already very warm growing season!)

I cut them back, trimmed up their roots, potted them up in some fresh soil and let the rain do its work in watering them. But what’s different about one of the pots?

Okay I will tell you–the pot in the front in the photo has a distinct dry–or drier–spot.  What is that telling me?  it’s probably telling me that the roots of the plant are not making contact with the side of the pot.

If this were anything other than a temporary arrangement, this could be fatal. That could indicate an air pocket that would need to be addressed.

If this were summer, this plant also could have gotten into serious trouble quickly.

But at most, these plants are only going to remain in these pots another week or two until I move them to another planter. So that’s hardly enough time for damage to occur.

But take time to notice things like this when you plant.

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