Wordless Wednesday–Early Spring Containers


As you can see, I am still getting ready for my container gardening lecture. I thought this one was especially cheery. When the little ‘Tete a Tete daffodils are done flowering, I will swap them out with some smaller flowering violas in the same color.


And, always trying to push the envelope with something different (and really not having a lot of plant material yet to work with this year, here is a heuchera, (a coral bells) a heucherella (a native plant that often goes by the awful name “foamy bells–yuck!) and my beloved snake plant.

Because it is so early in the season, the perennials had no root system–literally.  Their root balls were smaller than 4” pots even though I purchased them in gallon containers. I don’t hold this against the nursery–it’s sort of what I expect this time of year.

But be forewarned it you are buying plants very early in the season–you are often paying for dirt!!!

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