Wordless Wednesday–Containers for The Road


I am in the process of preparing for a couple of container lectures later this March and in early April.


Sorry for the color on these photographs–they were taken indoors (obviously) in the evening and not in natural light, but under artificial lights. Needless to say, in early March, it’s difficult to gather plants together for containers. The corydalis in the above container is one that I have had for 3 seasons (this would be its fourth). For two seasons it resided in a mixed container with begonias, torenia and million bells. Last year it was just in a container by itself. And now this year, this is what I have chosen for it. Obviously, it’s a very versatile plant.


This succulent container in hypertufa is one I purchased at the Connecticut Horticulture Society Symposium. I will trim up the silver squill (ledebouris socialis) to remove the dead flower stalks before I take it “on the road” but I figured I would do that closer to “travel time.”


Finally this is my dining room table. It’s got the last of my planted containers down at the end, and some possible options for others along the middle. You can also see the “boat” full of succulents on the end opposite the container with the fern, begonia and stromanthes.

I plant to plant up 2-3 more containers if I can find plants for them. It’s a tough time of year to get plants for container gardening!

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