Wordless Wednesday


This time of year, the pond is a blessing and a curse. It has to do with the fact that there’s water in it–and the fact that we’re still in a moderate to almost severe drought–we’re right on the edge now.

Last weekend as I was cleaning, I heard the dog yapping away. It was her “there’s squirrels in the yard” bark so I wandered over to an upstairs window to take a look. Sure enough, a squirrel was running down the rock face that backs up the pond, going out onto the ice and drinking from the fountain. Nice for him/her/it.

But the weekend before, just before the snow, the pond was completely iced over. The ground was frozen hard and the dog pulled me right to the edge of the pond. I looked and immediately pulled her back. All I could see were 2 squirrel legs sticking up out of the water–“touchdown squirrel” as it were–upside down.

As near as I can guess, the poor critter must have leaned over the edge where there was a bit of water showing, and pushed the ice away to get at it. But of course, the ice pushed back and it got trapped and that was that. There it was until the ice thawed this weekend and I could fish it out and give it the “compost” burial that the other unfortunate critters that slip in on occasion get.

No matter how many bird baths full of water I keep out, the pond still is a death trap on occasion. I always feel sad about that.

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