Where’s Your Pantry?

Normally, when I cook, I grab dried herbs or spices from my cabinet.

But on occasion, I am blessed to be able to go out into the yard–or even closer,  onto the sun porch –to grab some fresh herbs.

I have heard that the balcony is going to be the new garden.  That makes a lot of sense as people downsize.  Lots of books are coming out about smaller gardens and about gardening as we age as well  (or perhaps I mean gardening well as we age ).


In any event,  one of the blessings of this warmer winter has been far less snow than the past 2 years. So I can get out into the yard and get thyme for stew when I want it.


The parsley in this same garden has gotten fairly beaten down by the weather but I saved a pot on my porch for soups and stews as well.  It’s great to have these fresh herbs on hand for cooking when you need them.

Of course lots of grocery stores now carry fresh herbs–even organic ones–for cooking. But I am not the sort of cook that is organized enough to think about that sort of thing. I think about it as I am cooking.  And I am not likely to run out for a pot of herbs–or even some fresh cut ones–then. Perhaps you are different.

This is why I always have pots of fresh herbs–in season –as near to the door as possible.  I am one of those impulsive type cooks.  I am probably the same type of gardener.

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