Winter Bounty


Last weekend,  after returning from a few weeks away,  I was catching up on a lot of things–cleaning the house and checking in with the house plants.

Imagine my surprise,  then,  when all of my citrus was ready to harvest!  (There  were a few less pleasant surprises with the house plants but I will talk about those on Monday ).

This is great because I have a nice recipe for a winter citrus salad that calls for honey, lime juice and zest, orange &  grapefruit  and fresh mint leaves. It’s just the thing to try to keep winter colds at bay.


Here’s the salad, ready to eat. The original recipe calls for slicing the oranges and grapefruit into slices. If I am making it to bring to a brunch or something, I will do that–it looks nicer. But for me, I make it all cut up and ready to eat–much easier.

And I will use the lemons in cooking,  although that almost seems a shame.  Maybe I should make a small batch of winter lemonade.  We’ll see.

I had just finished the tomatoes from the garden before I left on my trip so it’s nice to have an additional “harvest.”

Maybe I should start some microgreens so that I have something else to harvest shortly.

Of course I always threaten to do that and never quite get organized enough to make it happen.

Before we know it, spring will be here (thank goodness! ) and we’ll be able to get growing in the garden again!

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