New Year’s Gardening Resolutions

I talked near the end of last year about perhaps making some “gardening resolutions” this year.  Well,  they are a little belated because I have been traveling,  but there’s nothing like the present to put them into print.

First, I have to stop being such a critical gardener. Life is just too short for that.

For the most part,  I am not critical of other people’s gardens  (although some might remember my very strong opinions on a sense of place in the garden last fall!)

But I didn’t take photos of those gardens and publicly shame those folks.  I just expressed my very strong opinions and we got into some great discussion here.

(Interestingly, I had the same sort of discussion on vacation.  I called my ski resort  “Madison Avenue with a mountain” which is probably wrong because Madison Avenue isn’t where the shopping is in New York.  Anyway,  my two friends disagreed strenuously.  But I like to see local stuff, not the same high end stuff I can buy in any city in America. But I  digress. )

In any event, that’s resolution number 1: garden and let garden.

Resolution number two is to try something new. I think we all get into our gardening “ruts.” We learn what works,  what grows, what color schemes we like–you get the idea.

Some of my best garden containers and plantings, however,  have come about because I had plants left over and I threw them together –the kitchen sink approach.  Sometimes I at least learn better from these accidents than from what I had planned.

So while I can’t plan accidents, I can plan to try new things.  After all, I am never too old to learn.






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