“Easy-Care” Plants?

Today is opening day at the ski resort where I will spend 10 days in January (and for the record, I don’t ski. I snowshoe. The Spoiler is the skier in the family).

We leave for that trip in late December or on New Year’s Day and we usually return separately. This year I am returning early because I have a lecture on–what else–house plants–early in the second week of January and I need to be sure I am back in plenty of time for that.

We always get a house sitter for the trip for a number of reasons. Most important is our dog. Rarely will I ask the sitter to do anything with the plants. My plants get tough love as it is. I am transitioning them even now to a 8-9 days between watering schedule so that they can survive the trip without me.  I will water everything well before I leave, move the most “thirsty” to a spot out of their sunny window, and hope for the best.

But what if you are not like me? What if you want plants that are less fussy than that, even? What can you do?

Depending on your “exposure” (north, south, east or west window) and how often you want to tend to things, there are actually a lot of options. I’ll discuss those, based on exposure, over the next two weeks.

And, if any of the plants have any “extras,” like air cleaning benefits, I’ll mention those as well!

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