Wordless Wednesday–What Do the Squirrels Think?

Squirrels' Nests at dusk

After last winter’s disastrous squirrel prediction, it’s a wonder we have any squirrels left to predict the weather this year!

If you recall, last fall, my squirrels thought it would be a mild winter. Hah! They were certainly mistaken! And while I won’t go so far as to say that any of them froze to death, we certainly have far fewer this year, probably because they do not hibernate and were available to the hawks and owls, while the voles, chipmunks and mice were safely tucked away under the snow (or in my cabinets–but that’s another story).

In any event, the photo of this tree, taken at dusk, shows 3 squirrels’ nests at various heights. Apparently even the squirrels have no clue what this winter will be like.

Or, as the meteorologists would say, we have an “equal chance” of a warmer than normal or colder than normal winter. Great.

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