To Cover or Not to Cover

Is there a question? For me there’s not. And yet, for the past two or three weeks, in the early morning, as I have walked the dog, I would see strange shapeless blobs on my neighbors’ porches or in their front yards. In some cases, I knew mums were under them. In others, I couldn’t imagine. Pumpkins maybe (although why anyone protects pumpkins, I am not sure). I’ll have to try to notice on the evening dog walk.

But I don’t cover things. What’s the point? It’s early November. Some years we’ve had snow–and a lot of it–before this. Is there any point in trying to buy a few more days of fall color?

You saw the mum photos I posted on Monday. Clearly they don’t need to be protected. I’m not sure who’s perpetuating that myth. Neither do pumpkins. Is someone out there spreading  that rumor? And in any event, why are we “saving” them? From what? The squirrels? Halloween is over.

I, of course, am a fine one to talk. I bring in just about every plant that I can. And then, when I think I’ve brought in everything that I possibly can, I find one more in a mixed container of tropicals and annuals that has survived the first freeze, so I dig that out and bring that in too.

When the Spoiler starts to complain about the “Jungle,” I tell him not to worry. What the house sitter doesn’t kill (actually our long January trip–I don’t ask the house sitter to do much), much of it will actually start to decline by mid winter. I’ll get sick of that and the constantly falling leaves (some of which is really becoming tiresome already–it’s just a question of how ugly the plants get and what I’m willing to look at).

Then mid-March will hit and all the insect eggs that traveled in will hatch. So there will have to be some triage. And by the time the plants travel out again in May, the collection will have dwindled to a manageable number again.

Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t really like mums. I’d probably try to find a way to “save” those too!

2 thoughts on “To Cover or Not to Cover

  1. The Chatsworth Lady November 7, 2015 / 11:00 am

    When I first began gardening, back in the dark ages of the 1980s 😉 , I bought several “Wall-O-Water” (would the plural be “Walls-O-Water” or “Wall-O-Waters”, I wonder?? oh well) in order to protect a few things I thought were vulnerable. I used them for one winter and after that never bothered to cover or protect anything again, LOL

  2. gardendaze November 7, 2015 / 12:04 pm

    How funny. I too tried those walls-o-water (I will go with that for the plural ) but I used them in the spring sort of as cloches to warm the plants and get them growing. They worked great for that, but once the plants were up and growing, what the heck do you do with the darn walls? They had to stay in place all season, they got icky & moldy & out they went. Luckily the plants didn’t seem to suffer.


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