At Last, An Acknowlegement of Drought–Sort of

On Thursday October 15, our statewide paper, the Hartford Courant published an editorial saying that Connecticut was in drought.

This probably came as news to a lot of folks because while some local water companies were calling for voluntary conservation back in August, the major water and sewer company for Hartford County, the Metropolitan District Commission (the “MDC” for short) ridiculously put out the statement that they had enough water to last for 20 months.

Then came August, September and now the first half of October: all months with temperatures well above normal and with rainfall well below normal.

Suddenly Connecticut is one of the “Top Ten” driest states and the only state on the Eastern seaboard with a drought problem. I’m glad someone finally noticed and I’m glad someone finally took time to acknowledge the problem.

Every time it rains–even a little–all the meteorologists seem to think the drought is “solved” or has “gone away” or whatever.

I will give credit to Channel 8’s great team of meteorologists, who is on social media as “WXEdge.”  They’ve been posting and blogging and generally concerned about the drought for as long as I have! Anyone trying to get the word out about drought in out generally clueless state deserves credit!

As for the Hartford Courant–well, I give them credit for writing about it.  Then they put the story behind a paywall so only subscribers–and not even print subscribers, just digital subscribers–can read it.

I know of no other paper that pulls a stupid stunt like this.  Even top-tier papers like the Wall Street Journal and the New York times make a limited number of articles available free–or make the online versions free to paid subscribers.

I am not willing to pay extra for you to have a link to it–it’s just not that good an editorial. Sorry. You’ll have to take my word for what it said.

As for those of us here in Connecticut, I hope more are now informed about the state of our drought and are taking some steps to conserve.

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