Wordless Wednesday–An Elusive Visitor


See the little guy by the cluster of green oak leaves on the gray paving stones? The chipmunk?

They’re taking over my property this fall. We’ve had a bumper drop of acorns from my oaks and the chipmunks, more than any other creature, have swooped in to take advantage. I’ve seen a few squirrels too but nothing like the chipmunks–there are literally dozens of them all over the place at any one time.

This is a direct result of our heavy snows last winter. The smaller creatures like chipmunks and voles were able to take advantage of the snow cover and hunker down under it, away from their major predators, the hawks and owls. Larger creatures like hawks and rabbits may have fared less well. I know I have fewer squirrels this year–others may have a different experience based on the prowess of their raptors and the escape abilities of their critters.


Judging by how well these guys blend into my landscape–this one is next to the hose–I’d say that’s why they’re so plentiful around my house!

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