Wordless Wednesday–The Tomato is Always Redder….

Big Beef tomato plant

This is my neighbor’s Big Beef tomato plant. It’s one of a couple I’ve started for him and given to him.

A few weeks ago, I was out to dinner with the Spoiler and he said wistfully, “Oh, you should see our neighbor’s tomato plants. He’s got this one nice round red tomato. Every time I’m over there with Amie [the dog] I’m so tempted to reach out and pick it….”

I literally started sputtering. This is what we had at home on our counters from our own plants.


They were literally developing bad spots because we couldn’t eat them fast enough–and he’s coveting our neighbor’s tomatoes?!

When I pointed this out to him, his response was, “I don’t eat them like apples. You have to serve them up to me.”

It’s a good thing we weren’t home. I might have “served them up” in a way that just might have wasted all my efforts in growing them–and caused me more work in cleaning the house!

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