Wordless Wednesday–the Old “Foggy Morning” Weather Lore

Foggy Morning

It’s a little too early to be looking for squirrels’ nests to try to figure out what the winter might be like (besides, after last winter’s disappointing prediction, it’s just a miracle we have any squirrels left! I would have thought they would have all frozen to death for having gotten it so wrong!)

So this year I’ll try the old “for every foggy morning in August and September there will be a snowstorm” routine.

Last year, I didn’t even want to think about that. I lost count of the foggy mornings!

This year there have only been a handful which is going against most of the dire predictions of a terrible winter for the northeast. We’ll see if this little bit of “weather lore” holds up!

By the way, notice the nice green grass in this photo? It’s that same lawn that my neighbor was killing off at Labor Day. Now he’s putting in a new driveway. It’s always something.

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