Wordless Wednesday

goldenrod and boneset

Are you sneezing this time of year? Are you still blaming this?

So many folks think they are allergic to goldenrod. It’s a natural enough assumption. This time of year, allergies are rampant and folks are miserable. And what do we see? We see this lovely yellow wildflower everywhere. That’s what we must be allergic to.

That’s actually a pretty pernicious urban myth

But here’s the real culprit–and it’s not really so lovely.

giant ragweed

This horrible mess is giant ragweed.  There’s also lesser ragweed (and for all I know, more varieties, but only two grow by me.) And no, this is not, my property. I don’t permit ragweed to grow on my property. But it’s very nearby to me. And as the pollen flies…..

Interestingly enough, as I was taking this photo, there were tiny little asters mixed in with the ragweed. Bees were all over the asters.  Not one bee was on the ragweed so as far as I can see, it doesn’t help wildlife.

So next time you’re sneezing, don’t blame the goldenrod.

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