It’s Late August. Is Anyone Happy With The Garden?

I was reading a post the other day from Erin, who blogs at The Impatient Gardener, and she was remarking that when she takes a tour of someone else’s garden she always learns something that she can put into practice in her own garden. Great advice and a really upbeat way to look at the world!

Being born a Capricorn, however, (the “downer of the Zodiac”, as I like to refer to it), or perhaps it’s just my perfectionist streak, whenever I tour another garden, I just look around wistfully and sigh and make mental notes of all the additional shortcomings in my own garden. It doesn’t matter how many folks have paraded through my own yard and swooned–I still only see the flaws. For me the grass is always greener somewhere else, and the flowers are always lovelier somewhere else.  Maybe that’s why I still garden–I’m still trying to get it right.

It isn’t helping, of course, that I am working on a huge article (actually a normal sized article) but I’m looking through tons of the latest garden books to try to decide which ones I think ought to go into my “Top Ten Garden Books of 2015” article. Talk about perfection! No one ever takes pictures of “icky” gardens unless it’s a “before and after” sort of thing.

Or perhaps it’s a book about some sort of “quirkiness” like garden gnomes or something like that. Bottle trees are in vogue right now–love them or hate them they are almost de riguer in the garden even in places where they have never had a history like here in the Northeast. But that doesn’t matter. They’re “in” in the garden so let’s do a bottle tree. But that’s a post for a different day–a sense of place in the garden or else gardens will all wind up looking like strip malls or shopping centers!

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