Wordless Wednesday

hydrangea flowers

Those long-time readers have seen me write about breeders working on new varieties all the time. Here’ the perfect example right in my own yard and I literally stumbled over it while I was taking the dog in from our walk one morning last week.

I have the typical old-fashioned late-blooming hydrangea paniculata grandiflora–the “peegee” hydrangeas, as they are known for short.  Mine is just coming into bloom now, although some in my neighborhood that get more sun than mine do have been in bloom for a little longer.

I adore these and planned my wedding around their creamy white blooms. They fade to a gentle rose color and dry beautifully.

This is a much newer variety from Proven Winners called Bobo. Unlike the old-fashioned variety, which can literally grown into a small tree if not whacked back with a heavy hand, Bobo stays a mannerly 3-4′. But look at the size of the flower head on this small shrub! It’s twice the size of the older variety!

Bobo is the flower on the right in the above photo. My old-fashioned PeeGee flower is on the left, for comparison sake.

That’s what I mean when I say the breeders are “doing” work. They are making compact shrubs for modern gardens that still pack a lot of bloom into every plant. How great is that?!

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