A Great Tool For Weeding and More

Grandpa's Weeder

This tool recently made the Monrovia newsletter for a great tool for weeding. As you can tell by the slightly rusty hinge on ours and the weathered handle, we were ahead on the curve–we’re into our second or third year of use already. It’s the Spoiler’s favorite tool for weeding because he doesn’t have to bend over to weed!

As organic gardeners, of course we weed out dandelions and other larger weeds by hand. That can get pretty arduous, particularly in drought (or weedy) years. This tool helps a lot. Here’s how you use it.

positioning the weeder

Obviously the two prongs go down on either side of the offending weed. Right now the Spoiler is working on plantain.

grabbing the weed

To remove the weed in the prongs, you rock the tool back on that flat bar and it just levers right up out of the ground, roots and all! Obviously my camera focused on the lovely weeds still remaining in our lawn and not the one in the grip of the tool but it’s easy to see the weed and roots held there.

But that’s not all this tool is good for! I’m not sure anyone else has my unique situation but lots of folks have self-sown plants–I know we all do. And they’re a blessing.


Ignore the weeds–I have lovely little grottos of ferns self-sown all over my property. When they self sow into the beds, I let them be to colonize. When they self-sow out here, in sort of a “no gardener’s” land between my perennial bed and some pines, I sort of leave them be until I or someone else needs them. I have dug lots of these to give to neighbors and friends, and I’ll periodically transplant them into my own beds and borders to fill gaps. But I’m not going to do it in a year when we’re having so little rain, of course! Nature is taking care of these better than I can.

transplanted fern

But in case you were wondering–Grampa’s Weeder does a lovely job of lifting these as well. I put this one into a container with some little hosta seedlings, also transplanted from the lawn, that I’m growing on for shady spots in the garden–and for transplanting when the rains come back!

2 thoughts on “A Great Tool For Weeding and More

  1. The Chatsworth Lady August 15, 2015 / 6:28 pm

    I bought something like this a few years ago; I forget from where but it was probably either Lee Valley or Gardeners’ Supply. It was similar but not exactly the same, although oddly it was named “Grandpa’s Weeder” also. The business end was painted green and instead of the two prongs it had a sort of small cage affair with a round top. I confess that I never could get hang of using it and after a few dozen tries decided that it was quicker and easier just to use my trusty dandelion fork, lol. Ended up giving it away after letting it hang on the wall for a few years. Yours looks simpler and I’m sure works better because of that!

  2. gardendaze August 15, 2015 / 8:33 pm

    Oh if you only knew how many “weeding ” tools we have. I’m going to conservatively guestimate at least 10 different ones including the dandelion fork, which was the Spoiler’s favorite too before he found this.
    Because I can still kneel–on a good day–I like the cobra head, or for tricky narrow places I’ve got a great tool called a Cape Cod crack weeder. But I do love the simplicity of this, particularly when I am feeling creaky.


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