What’s Wrong With The “Cone” in My Cone Flower?

Cone Flower heads


Are your cone flowers starting to look like this? Are you worried that they are mutating or have some disease? Fear not!

Although they have not been good enough to pose for me, in my case, it’s the goldfinch causing mine to look like this. They perch (charmingly I might add) on the heads of the flowers and pluck at the seeds.

So the “cones” start to get this ratty, mangled, or even “mutant” sort of look.

When you see it, don’t worry. It’s just nature taking its course. If I were a little more patient, I might even have a photo of this lovely yellow finches on these flowers!




2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With The “Cone” in My Cone Flower?

  1. gardendaze August 3, 2015 / 7:40 pm

    I do too–I just love gold finches generally, especially in summer when they are that beautiful yellow color. They have such a cheery little chirp and a happy little flight–everything about them is great!


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