Wordless Wednesday–Things Are Busting Out All Over!

broken pot

I was watering my plants about a week ago and I saw this broken pot shard and dirt on my window sill. My immediate thought was “What has the dog done now?” because all of my bay windows are her “squirrel hunting” perches and if I’m not careful she will throw plants right out of them in an attempt to rout the pesky critters from our yard.

When I looked closer, I realized none of the plants were disturbed, (other than this broken piece of pottery and the dirt). That’s when I realized that this snake plant had literally outgrown its pot!  See the two new shoots poking out the side? It had broken the clay pot in its attempt to get larger!

Snake plants

I’m a huge fan of snake plants. This bay window has nothing but different varieties of snake plants.

And while I “travel” with several of the smaller varieties when I lecture, those large varieties pretty much stay where they are for obvious reasons–too large and too heavy. That middle one–the one in the broken pot–was re-potted almost 2 years ago. It’s in an 8″ clay pot. Clearly I’ll need a 10″ pot. As much as I hate them, maybe I’ll use plastic. I’m not getting any younger and my arthritis is not getting any better.

The plant in the left foreground should also be re-potted at the same time, I suppose. It’s pretty tight in its pot and I don’t want to see that pot broken.

Things on this windowsill are going to get a bit tighter I think.


2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday–Things Are Busting Out All Over!

  1. pal July 29, 2015 / 9:13 pm

    This post is so timely for me because I had the same thing happen! I decided to cut my plant back and I hope I did it correctly. I cut back the leaves that were going out to the sides instead of vertical. What a strong root system this plant has. I’ve heard that keeping one by the front door brings a happy marriage. Not sure where that comes from, but I’ll never be without my snake plants. Thanks for another great post.

  2. gardendaze July 30, 2015 / 6:57 am

    Oh, thanks for your comments! On of the common names of this plant is Mother in laws tongue, so maybe that’s where the idea about keeping one by the door comes from. I like the connection.

    You did the cutting back exactly the right way. Thes plants are a little different. If the tips of the leaves are damaged or cut, those particular leaves stop growing. So to cut back, you do need to remove the entire leaf from the outside.

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting.


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