Wordless Wednesday

downed limb

Storm damage? It can certainly look like that at first pass. But this happened on a sunny hot and humid day with almost no wind. What’s going on?

Apple tree

This larger shot tells the full story. See the fresh cut between the last two fence posts? That was made just two weeks ago. You can clearly see the heartwood rot in this tree.  The tree is literally falling apart from in inside and needs to come down, despite the presence of all the luscious-looking apples.

My neighbor is selling his house (obvious from the sign) and probably wanted the tree to remain as a focal point to be attractive to buyers.  If it continues to disintegrate in front of him, however, he’s going to have no choice but to remove it.


2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. gardendaze July 22, 2015 / 7:29 pm

    I know. I always feel terrible when a mature tree is damaged and needs to come down. I think I may have mentioned at one point in a post that if we have to have trees taken down I make the Spoiler do it when I am not home because I can’t bear to be around for it. Sometimes it goes on for longer than I can stay away and then I get very sad.

    But of course if the alternative is to have the tree crashing down on us in a storm, I prefer the arborist.

    My neighbor was trying to salvage some of his apples from the first large limb so he’s probably got some pies or applesauce tucked away by now!


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