The Pollinator–or Wildlife–Garden

garden overview

Ten days ago, I showed a bunch of plants in pots and said that I was replanting a portion of my garden for the pollinators. I thought you all might want to see how that came out, particularly since its so colorful right now, and it can be difficult to get color in the garden in mid-summer.

Garden close up

Please note that these plants are blooming at their normally scheduled time–they’re not blooming just because I planted them. The milkweed that I put in isn’t quite in bloom yet and that’s as it should be. The asters aren’t blooming and they shouldn’t be–they have another 6-8 weeks before they bloom. The goldenrod is budded but it too isn’t blooming and again, it shouldn’t be. Goldenrod blooms anywhere from early August to mid-September in my part of the country so while it might be a little early because of its transition from pot to garden, it’s not terribly off schedule.

I’m especially pleased at the amount of color variety in this garden.  In prior years it was just a sea of yellow–all the black-eyed susans bloomed at once. While I’m sure that was visually attractive to the pollinators, I think this variety might make the garden more attractive to more pollinators. Time will tell as the plants get larger.

And of course because all the black eyed susans bloomed at once, everything pretty much finished blooming at once.  Of course I do have other plants in there–meadow rue and veronicastrum and hydrangeas and roses and I had a few cone flowers in smaller numbers–but I didn’t have any later fall bloomers like the asters and the goldenrod was in a different part of the yard–nearby, but not in this garden. I hope that by adding some here as well I’m helping to create a little “pollinator corridor” right along the front of my yard. We’ll see how that works out.


2 thoughts on “The Pollinator–or Wildlife–Garden

  1. The Chatsworth Lady July 13, 2015 / 5:43 pm

    If I were a pollinator your planting would definitely look good to me! 🙂 May I ask what is that edging you used? It looks interesting.

  2. gardendaze July 13, 2015 / 7:05 pm

    My -husband-aka the Spoiler –had to get something for the mower to go along. This edging actually has a flange that lays flat in the grass for the mower wheel (should one want to run the wheel along it) so that trimming is somewhat reduced. It’s called Bedrocks and it’s manufactured by a company called Emsco.

    When we put them in years ago they were sold everywhere –even Home Depot & Walmart had them. Now I am not sure where to get them–but of course it’s for things like this that Google was made!

    I’m guessing we have had them for at least 10 years in our climate & they’ve held up well. All we occasionally have to do is reset the little bricks. The color stays true and they don’t chip or crack (unless the Spoiler mows them down with the snow blower –but that’s a separate issue!)


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