Black Eyed Susan Leaf Damage

Chewed leaves

Every time I do a post about insect damage on my black-eyed susan leaves, I get comments:

“Don’t you know they get a fungus?”

“That’s not insect damage; it’s a fungus and they’re all going to die.”

So this time, before the leaves all turned black, as they do, making it indeed look as if they have the common fungus that infects the black-eyed susans, I thought I would post a few photos of the chewed up leaves.  I still haven’t gotten any photos of the culprit doing this, but I’m pretty sure it’s the four-lined plant bug, a tiny green and black insect that is–gee, what do you know,–not very particular to the plants it likes to chomp on. Black eyed susans are one of its favorites.

chewed leaves

Here are some more chewed leaves. You can clearly see chewing and holes, not fungus.

chewed leaf

And one last photo, just in case there’s any doubt about whether this is chewing.

So if you have black-eyed susans, take a closer look, early in the season. That “fungus” you think you may have may actually be insect damage.

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