A Lot of Progress in a Short Time

Gardening is a funny thing. Sometimes it feels as if you have to wait forever to see things grow. Other times (and in particular with weeds!) it seems as if you can watch them spring up and grow by a foot overnight!

vegetable garden

This photo was taken just two weeks after my Memorial Day vegetable garden planting. Even I am amazed at how well–and how quickly–some things have progressed, in particular, the lettuce.  But lettuce is like that. You plant it and then all at once you have more lettuce than you can eat in your lifetime. I’ll share with friends and work colleagues.

The tomatoes don’t look quite as great as they should because after a May that was 8 degrees warmer than average we finally had rain (thank goodness!) but we also had ridiculous cold in the 40s. Nothing likes that but tomatoes in particular don’t. I’m hopeful that they’ll rebound and I’ll take off the yellow leaves before I get into one of the dreaded blight situations.

And my rabbits–there are only two, a large one and the little baby I showed. They’re contenting themselves with the clover and violets in the lawn this year so I have plenty of lettuce for me. I may even try planting green beans again.


By the way, here’s my sage in bloom. I was hoping to be close enough to get a photo of the bumble bees on it, but I didn’t want to disturb them. I see I didn’t get quite the correct balance. Because it has the lovely blue flowers they love, they’re quite happy!

2 thoughts on “A Lot of Progress in a Short Time

  1. gardendaze June 12, 2015 / 10:07 am

    Thanks. I love plants that do double duty like that!

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