Sometimes Doing The Simple Thing…..

I closed my post on Monday with the words “sometimes doing the simple thing is also the best thing for our pollinators.”

When I went back to re-read the post to make sure I didn’t have any typos, that sentence really stood out (I draft these things a few days or sometimes a few weeks in advance if I’m on a roll).

It’s a consistent theme for me in the garden. While I’m quick to tell folks that we need to remain observant because that’s what’s going to help us avoid small issues that could become large issues, there’s a simple way to do that: go outside and wander around the garden.

It doesn’t have to be a long and involved process. Many of us are busy and lead complicated lives, particularly with families. But clearly a garden was important to us at some point. Take a few moments first thing in the morning, particularly on these summer mornings when we have so much extra light.

Or grab an extra minute after work, before you step inside on your way between the car and the house and detour through the garden for a stroll. Your blood pressure will probably thank you and you’ll have a moment to become re-acquainted with what’s going on out in the garden as well.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for at first, that’s fine. Just take a few deep breaths and enjoy the sound of the breeze (if there is any). Notice the color of the leaves. Notice the flowers if you’ve planted some. Notice your vegetables if you planted those.

As you do this more and more often, you’ll start to see something that doesn’t look “quite right”–like my fused together leaves on my hydrangeas. You’ll say to yourself, “no, that’s not a bud forming after all.”

And maybe it won’t take you 3 years, like it did me, to peel those leaves open to find out that there was a worm inside! Clearly when I was walking around, I was looking at other things (like all the weeds coming up!)

But that’s a different post for a different day!

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