Wordless Wednesday–Early June Blooms

iris & azalea

These are almost past bloom in our early season heat but my Siberian Iris and azaleas (those not eaten by the deer) are finishing up in the waterfall garden. Of course, I need to clean the pond–that’s going to be really late this year.

Redoute rose

My David Austin roses are just beginning to flower. You can see the Korean lilac from last week behind them. You can also see the progression of the rose sawfly damage on the leaf! This rose is Redoute.

Winchester Cathedral

And this rose is Winchester Cathedral–also a David Austin. For roses that are 17 years old, they do well.


This rose is ‘Charlotte.’

Crown Princess Margarthe

And this lovely rose has been saddled with a mouthful of a name: ‘Crown Princess Margarethe’

Chardonnay Pearls

Here’s another plant from last week–Chardonnay Pearls. All the “pearls” have opened into full bloom.



Finally my peonies are just beginning to open as well. I don’t know their names. They were inherited from the original owner of the house, who has passed away.



And finally, as these last photos show, it has begun to rain. While some parts of the state have gotten enough rain to erase the drought, I haven’t quite been that lucky. I got about 2″ and I need about 3″ more to erase the deficit needed. But I will take whatever I’m given since nature waters so much more efficiently than I can!

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday–Early June Blooms

  1. gardendaze June 3, 2015 / 9:33 pm

    Thanks. They’re not easy care, exactly, but they are fragrant, which I love!

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