My “Memorial” Day Garden

vegetable garden

I know–this looks as unlike an “Memorial” Day garden you’ve every seen. What on earth could I mean by that?

Long time readers know exactly what I mean and why I say this.  Every year, I plant my tomatoes–and my vegetable garden in general–on Memorial Day.   Why?

Probably a small part of it has to do with “memorializing” or remembering my heritage. All the old Italians say that it’s not safe to plant tomatoes or herbs in my region until Memorial Day. Since I tend to agree with that, that’s what I do.

But there’s a far more personal reason as well.

I grow my tomatoes–at least some of them from seed. I always have. But I don’t grow them just for me. I grow them for a neighbor who’s a WWII vet. I also grow peppers for him.

I grow them for our “work” garden.

And back when he was still alive, I used to grow them for my Dad, who was also a WWII vet.

So when I deliver the tomatoes and peppers to my neighbor this weekend, and plant my own tomatoes, it’s my small way of honoring and remembering the vets on Memorial Day. I can’t help but remember my Dad, who was the gardener in the family and from whom I got my love of gardening.

Unorthodox yes. But for me it works.

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