Wordless Wednesday–Wildlife

Canada Goose

Remember all the geese in the Target parking lot this winter? A couple liked it so much they’ve actually stayed and nested. How crazy is that? This is the male–the sentry.

Female on nest

Here’s the female on her nest. It may not look like anything but mulch but she’s actually sitting on a tree stump that she’s lined with feathers.

I’m usually the only one crazy enough to park way out here so they’re rarely disturbed, I would hope. Then again, Canada Geese are not really desirable wild life most places so perhaps many people would want them disturbed. Hard to say.

And I’ve actually broken out a hose–shocking I know–since it’s been so many days without rain at my place. I thought I’d give my ferns a drink while I was watering my houseplants in the summer-like warmth we’ve been having.

In so doing, I accidentally disturbed this little guy.

baby rabbit

It ran from the ever greens under the dogwood (you can see fallen dogwood petals all around it on the driveway) down the length of the bed and I don’t think realized there was a drop off the stone wall at the end.  It kind of lay there, stunned, for a good 20 minutes. I hope it just had the wind knocked out of it. It was the cutest little thing (although rabbits are awfully destructive in my yard–I’ll be cursing it shortly I’m sure!). It was barely as big as my hand and I have a tiny hand.

While the photo doesn’t necessarily tell you how tiny it was, for perspective, look at the dogwood petals–they’re about 2″ long!

I kept checking and after about 20 minutes it was gone. Since the evergreen cover is so near, I hope it was able to get to safety and didn’t become a meal for a raptor–but that too would be nature’s cycle. I’d just feel bad that I caused it!


2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday–Wildlife

  1. The Chatsworth Lady May 20, 2015 / 11:24 am

    I feel the same way about the wildlife here. Earlier in the season I opened the shed door and a vole dashed out (don’t know who was the more startled!) but not before I had a chance to admire its plush velvety coat. But I also know (not from experience… as yet!!) what problems they can cause in the garden.

    Rats, however, are quite another matter…!!

  2. gardendaze May 20, 2015 / 11:34 am

    One time I had a vole that found its way into our living room somehow. We rescue mini schnauzers, so I would have thought that the rescue du jour might have been interested in “hunting.” Not a bit. Luckily it found its way back out the same way and we managed to find and patch the hole where it came in with steel wool. But they are sweet looking little things if you don’t think about the destruction.

    And yes, I prefer not to think about rats, although I hear they are very intelligent….


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