Wordless Wednesday


The parade of flowering trees continues. This is a crabapple, planted before I “married” the house.

Most people cringe when they hear the word “crabapple.” This is a variety with “persistent” fruit, meaning that the little “apples” don’t fall off the tree and make a mess. If you haven’t checked out crab apples lately, you should!


Here’s one of our two dogwoods. It’s the one located over the 1,ooo gallon oil tank that I mentioned on Monday! This is the one that flowers reliably. It’s the native, cornus florida.  The other is also a native, but it’s pink and it’s on very shallow ground–when I dig there, I can only go down about 4″ before I hit the bedrock. So the poor tree is understandably stressed.

dog wood flowers

Here are the flowers. Every tiny green swelling in the center will become a red fruit for the birds. They love this tree!

hypertufa trough

And for something completely different for a change, I’m starting to plant my containers. This is a hypertufa trough I made several years ago. The plants all died over the winter so I had to re-plant. We’ll see how these fare.

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